How To Achieve A No Makeup Makeup Look

A Guide to Achieving a Flawless, Natural Makeup Look

How To Achieve A No-Makeup Makeup Look

Minimalist makeup is an everyday staple that is versatile and wearable. While a dramatic eye or lip can be fun for a night out or a special occasion, there’s nothing quite like a natural makeup look to help you appear fresher and more put together day to day. Discover what no-makeup makeup entails and which products may work best, and get tips from MAC’s Education Manager, Chloe Turner, on how to get this natural makeup look, step-by-step.

What is no makeup makeup?

Perfect for a day in the office, a night out with friends or for a casual, everyday natural makeup look, the ever-popular no-makeup makeup trend is forever a go-to. Just think — a flawless, natural foundation finish, a wearable neutral lipstick and a softly coloured eyeshadow. When worn all together, the finished no makeup look is effortlessly chic.

How to create a no-makeup makeup look

Creating a minimalist makeup look does not always mean using minimal products. Achieving a flawless, natural makeup look can sometimes require several products and patience to execute the final look. From skincare to skin prep, foundation, concealer, blush, setting products, eye makeup and lip colour, a range of products can be used to achieve the effortless look you want.

Step 1: Refresh your base with skincare

Skincare is essential when it comes to simple natural makeup. It impacts how your foundation sits on the skin as well as how long it will last throughout the day. For optimal skin texture, choose a three-step skincare routine using the Hyper Real Collection, Canvas Cleansing Oil, Serumizer and Skincanvas Balm. Your skin will be glowing from within.

Step 2: Prep your skin with a primer

Once your skin is clean and moisturised, the next step is primer. Primers, such as our Studio Radiance Moisturising Illuminating Silky Primer and Strobe Cream, help to smooth the skin’s surface, fill in pores and act as a base to prevent your foundation from fading throughout the day. Depending on the formula, primer can also help to create a lovely glow under your foundation, adding a natural no-makeup makeup look.

Step 3: Apply a lightweight foundation or skin tint

The best natural foundation formula for a no-makeup-makeup look? The Studio Radiance Face & Body Sheer Foundation, says Turner. “It looks like your skin but better! It has the perfect texture to lightly even out your skin tone but still make it look as natural as possible. The best way to build up coverage using this formula is to do it lightly, allowing the lightweight foundation to dry before applying more. Build up the coverage where required through the T-Zone, and let the rest of your complexion appear sheer and glowy!”

The Studio Radiance Serum Powered Foundation is another excellent lightweight option that embodies a range of skincare benefits as well as providing a radiant finish. For more subtle coverage and a more natural makeup look, you can also opt for a skin tint, like the Strobe Dewy Skin Tint, which is more sheer yet buildable.

Step 4: Set your foundation base in place

No simple natural makeup is complete without some sort of setting spray to lock it all in. Fix+ is a must-have when applying your base; spritz it in between layers of foundation to help melt the foundation into the skin. It also contains glycerine, which will help set your base. “Spritzing Fix+ throughout the day will also hydrate your skin, and it will feel particularly refreshing during warmer weather!”, adds Turner.

Step 5: Perfect your complexion with concealer

When it comes to minimal makeup, less is more. So instead of packing on more foundation, try spot concealing.

If you want additional coverage for blemishes, dark under-eye circles or uneven skin tone, turn to the Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer. “It’s the perfect pairing for Studio Radiance Face & Body Sheer Foundation as it also has a buildable finish and will act as a magic wand for any imperfections you wish to further conceal”, explains Turner.

After applying your foundation, spot conceal where required with the concealer, paying close attention to the under-eye area. “Use a 240S Large Tapered Blending Brush to buff it in, and watch imperfections disappear like magic!”, adds Turner.

Step 6: Add a flush of colour

Adding a flush of colour to the cheeks makes all the difference to a subtle makeup look. We recommend a creamy blush formula, like the Glow Play Blush, because of its blendable and buildable formula. Cream blush tends to look more natural and glowy rather than mattifying the skin’s surface.

Step 7: Define your eyes

Just because you are doing minimal makeup, it does not mean you should forget about the eyes. Focus on the base and the lashes to make the eyes naturally pop. Create a natural eye makeup look using the Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork; this long-lasting, blendable formula has a cream texture that can be worn alone or used as a base for other eyeshadows.

“Apply it using the 217S Blending Brush; sweep it over the lid and wrap it under the eye for a soft, bronzy finish. Play up your lashes with the Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara, which will naturally define your lashes without clumping, and your eyes will be popping!” says Turner.

Step 8: Finish with the lips

We couldn’t think of a better finishing touch to our no-makeup makeup look than our best-selling lipstick shade, Velvet Teddy. “It’s the perfect nude lipstick shade that works with so many skin tones, and as a bonus, you can also dab a little bit on the cheeks, too,” explains Turner.

For those who want the ultimate minimalist makeup, you can always choose lip balm instead of lipstick. The Squirt Plumping Gloss Stick will provide a lighter, more natural, glossy finish.

No makeup makeup is by no means a new trend, and for good reason. A flawless, sheer foundation, simple eyes and natural lips never go out of style. Look fresh and like yourself, and try a natural makeup look today.